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ENGELS Anti- Duhring

ENGELS Anti- Duhring
Author: Engels
ISBN: 978-81-7007-237-9
Edition: 1st Indian Edition SEP 2011
Multiple Book Set: No

The following work is by no means the fruit of any "inner urge". On the contrary . When three years ago Herr Duhring , as an adept and at the same time a reformer of socialism, suddenly issued his challenge to his century, friends in Germany repeatedly urged on me their desire that I Should subject this central organ of the Social-Democratic Party, at that time the Volksstaat. They thought this absolutely necessary in order to prevent a new occasion for sectarian splitting and confusion form developing within the Party, which was still were in a better position than I was to judge the situation in Germany, and I was therefore duty bound to accept their view. Moreover, it became apparent that the new convert was being welcomed by a section of the socialist press with a warmth which it is true was only extended to Herr Duhring's good will, but which at the same time also indicated that in this section of the Party press there existed the good will, precisely on account of Herr Duhring's good will, to take also, bargain.

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