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Author: Karl Marx & F.Engels
ISBN: 8170072137
Edition: MARCH 2012
Multiple Book Set: No

The Communist League, an international association of workers, which could of course be only a secret one under the conditions obtaining at the time, commissioner the undersigned, at the Congress held in London in November, 1847, to draw up for publication a detailed theoretical to draw up for publication a detailed theoretical and practical programme of the Party.Such was origin of the following manifesto,the manuscript of which travelled to London, to be printed a few week before the February Revolution.*First published in German, it has been republished in that language in at least twelve different editions in Germany, England and America. It was published in English for the first time in 1850 in the Red Republican, London, translated by Miss Helen Macfarlane, and in 1871 in at least three different translations in America. A French version first appeared in Paris shortly before the June insurrection of 1848 and recently in Le Socialiste of New York. A new translation is in the course of preparation. A Polish version appeared in London shortly after it was first published in German. A Russian translation was published in Geneva in the sixties. Into Danish, too, it was translated shortly after its first appearance.

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