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Author: Karl Marx & F.Engels
Edition: 1st Indian Edition OCT 2011
Multiple Book Set: Yes

The present (three volume) edition of the Selected Works contains the most important writings by Marx and Engels which elucidate all the three component parts of their great revolutionary teaching: Marxist philosophy, political economy and the theory of scientific communism. Naturally, for lack of space some of their fundamental works could be given only as separate sections and chapters.Thus, from Marx's capital it includes Chapter XXIV,* Volume I, the author's preface to the first German edition and afterword to the second German edition, and an excerpt from Engels's preface to volume II. The present edition further contains Engels's "introduction to Dialectics of Nature", "Old Preface to Anti-Duhring. On Dialectics" , The part played by Labour in the Transition from Ape to Men; published in full here is Engels;s pamphlet socialism: Utopian and scientific consisting of three chapters from anti-duhring, which were rewritten by the author.

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