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Author: H. D. SANKALIA
ISBN: 8170071283
Edition: NOVEMBER 2022
Multiple Book Set: No

In keeping with the practice of these endowment lectures, they are being published, before they are delivered. So a diffcult task had to be performed, namely to maintain the form and tone of the lectures (keeping the audience before one's mind), at the same time, to remain true to the evidence, and to fortify all the statements made in the lectures with the necessary evidence, both laterary and archaeological. This was pobindo said, articularry difficult for a subject like the Ramayana which, as Sri Aurobindo said, has so much got into the consciousness of the Indian 'race' that, however scientifically oriented or highly educated, it refuses to ragard the various exploits narrated in the Ramayana as fiction. If this is the case with the educated, much more it is with the illiterate. The former, on the contrary, after the preparation of the Critical Editions at Poona and Baroda, think that they have now got reliable editions of the Mahabharata and Ramayana respectively. One editor thought that because a story appeared in the Ramayana, it was more reliable and hance could be the source of the latter!

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